CD - Mission: Transcendence

"Mission-Transcendence" represents two years of artistic incubation for me. Since first hearing Ravi Shankar and other great Indian artists as a teenager, I've been fascinated with the idea of bringing these elements together under one roof, along with my own Western pop and jazz background. In August of 2001, I was fortunate to meet and record with Vijay Shankar Mishra, a great exponent of the sarod, an Indian fretless string instrument. He is equally talented as a vocalist, singing in the traditional Hindustani style of North India. From these first collaborations was born the concept for this album.

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Please enjoy the samples listed below.

Track 1: Soul Search.
Track 2: The Journey
Track 3: Tears of the Heart
Track 4: Offering
Track 5: Song Celestial
Track 6: Cosmic Dance
Track 7: Shanti Suite
Track 8: Hymn to the One Supreme Part 1
Track 9: Hymn to the One Supreme Part 2
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